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 Trolls ARE named

Stuart Frazer ( The instigator)

We believe this a false name , to start a Facebook page to troll us

 Troll 1

Leon Samual ( the lapdog )

24 HoneySuckle Close

Biggleswade UK

SG18 8ST

 Troll 2

Bryan Welter ( the frog )

42 RUE Charles de Gaulle 90500, BEAUCOURT France

Important  Questions  

Why does " Stuart Frazer " use a false name ?


Why is there ONLY one face book page with posts to discredit us  ?

 Why has there never been a legal claim against OA21 Ltd ?

Why don't the above named contact  us ? Ever

Answers Below

Its all for views and followers.

 Our great world is - Click here - welcome 

Facebook & Trolls
( People with no life seeking others like them) 
Stuart Frazer  .  Leon ( Nye ) Sammel  .  Bryan Welter

Stuart Frazer  & Nye Samual opened the ONIX AUDIO Unofficial Facebook page Stuart Frazer ( the instigator ) was NEVER a customer of ONIX AUDIO or OA21Ltd. He has never had any business with us.  We have made over a 100,000 amps in our time,  but this contributor on Facebook posts lies about what we have done to others . Why ? He cannot know . Stuart Frazer set the page up to discredit our CEO, one of the three founders of ONIX AUDIO . He even tries to say Adam W was not a founder trying to change history !!! ( Obviously false Click here ). He clearly has mental issues, as he thrives on gossip and repeats hatred and backs it up with nothing. We think he is a troll, driven by jealousy of success  Click here . We feel sorry for him .

A message from our CEO  Adam Worsfold

The internet and Social media should be balanced , sadly its not. After many years in business, its common to gather a few  disgruntled employees and other odd people along the way. These people normally have issues , defining why we parted ways in the first place.  It should shock no one to find the same type of people spending time on social media, hiding behind false names, typifying groomers or others.  It is futile to try and reason with them, so I don't waste time . I work for the benefit of customers and the company, I am passionate about what we make and what we do , and I do not work for the kicks of bored people with no real life . My life moves forward with positivity and progress ,  sadly these people are stuck in a zero life  . Feel free to talk to me Click here

The Facts

The above named have NEVER been our customers,  THEY HAVE MADE NO PAYMENT TO US , they seem to have an issue with only one director of our company .  They try to rewrite history by posting false accusations about him , and they attack our staff . They never provide proof of posted content, so its best not to feed them & just check out the documented truth . Click here


 No smoke without fire !!!

People try to get us to send them products without payment , they think because we are small we will concede, either because they were scammed by fake sites,  or they are just trying to scam us. Adam is a senior director with several companies worldwide. Hence people often try to extort money from him under false pretense .  They try to blackmail us by using social media negative posting,  Many companies suffer this form of blackmail , and many give in . Adam is a head strong leader,  and does not give in . EVER.

Facebook History

Adam dislikes Facebook,  having NEVER had a Facebook account so they use this platform to post the fiction ,  ask yourself why every other platform has no such negativity .


They say they paid for products from us  

Payments by credit cards always come with a credit card money back guarantee , even so "The above named people have never paid for anything , and did no business with us at any point in time. They claim we did not deliver product they paid for - THIS IS FALSE , They claim our CEO took payment from them personally - THIS IS FALSE . They claim we are under investigation - THIS IS FALSE . We acquired their details from an agency - Why did we need to pay for this if we knew who they were   ?

Please  contact us with any questions, we will gladly call you back on any matter. If you don't like what we do, that's free choice - but talk to us before you believe social media postings created by those trying to get glory from the lies they post, and or Products for free by social media blackmailing us .


 Provide any invoice created by us, made to the above named people, and we will give you a DNA Ultimate amp worth 2995 GBP  for NOTHING

This offer is open to anyone.

(*  No one has taken this offer up in 4 years * )

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