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The Reality

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What is MP3

MP3 is a compressed storage system of music data . It stands for ( Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio ) it was developed to make music more portable in a time when storage was limited and quite small . It normally is about 20% of the entire original musical track , which means 80% is not there anymore. It created streaming , it is convenient and it has a place but if your really love music its place is not in your home  and rightly so

What does MP3 mean to music and OA21

We at OA21 love music ,  every single part of every song or track we play. We love the emotion each songs portrays , we love the harmonics and the instruments, in particular the Saxophone or Piano working to reply the artist efforts to get the passion they had over to us. We loose ourselves in the sound and the feeling of power , the tight fast bass lines, or the distortion-free  high frequencies that do not damage your hearing , we love wanting to turn up the music and the neighbours not minding that we turn it up, as there is minimal distortion, so  they cant hear it as loud as we do. We loves all music with nothing missing We love it as it was recorded by the artist that made it we live the emotion with them .

How does MP3 sit with us ?

Well if you must use it "OK" but Its around 20% so hear all of it by using a good amp. After all there's not much to start with, so don't lose quality by using a bad Amp .

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