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The OA21 DNA Ultimate perfect integrated amplifier. It has up-gradable independent Vinyl board, with internal consumer up-gradable boards to follow, all with a traditional toroidial power supply. Crafted in a package formed of 100% solid aluminum, that's anodized to AS7003 (aerospace standards). The DNA101 is a handcrafted prestige audio product made for those that know why.


At 12KG and made of aluminum, 435mm wide, 285mm deep, and still only 45mm high - we have achieved the thinnest amp to date with exceptional tech inside. The construction being 100% aluminum creates the ultimate heat-sink - eliminating vents that normally cause weakness and reliability issues if in a closed environment. No one offers this and it has a Faraday cage to shield from outside signals that bombard all of us everyday

If the OA21 DNA ULTIMATE was made with stainless steel instead of aluminum, it would weigh 32KG. Not everyone wants a huge audio elephant in their prestigious living spaces of today's world. The OA21 DNA 101 can be enclosed or hidden and is capable of taking up to 100KG on the top, such as a large screen TV or whatever you want to place on it . It can be used at any angle with no compromise for function, sound or heat while in use and due to the Faraday cage what goes in comes out as intended without the " Air Junk " we all have around us
The OA21 DNA is ultimate in evolution of 30 years of experience. Designed by the same person, with a new team, using the same know how from years of ONIX AUDIO and the classic/legendary  OA21. Creating a signal path and unsurpassed imaging of sound that time and MP3 have forced too many to forget. We make music " memorable " again.
This is the new digital world, but we still have two analogue ears and too many have forgot this

Quote :- "The DNA amplifier has a real solidity and assuredness that you don’t even bother to seek out its purported strengths or weaknesses, you simply sit back, relax, spin your favourite tunes and be comprehensively drawn right in by the clarity, power and emotion of the music."

Quote :- "The DNA unveils plenty of detail and lets you know what's going on without making you think about the sound: in other words, the emphasis is on the music."

 OA21 DNA - Ultimate
Amplification Perfection

The DNA Ultimate will change your life forever.

It is perfection with individually matched , selected, & measured components .   This creates sound imaging  that is beyond anything else ever made by anyone, your ears will tell you its right, you will never forget  the day you first heard and OA21 Amp

Showing you how music completes your life .

You live once , the ultimate makes it worthwhile

The OA21 Ultimate

OA21 DNA Ultimate - Top open & proud too

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