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ONIX OA21, British HiFi , ONIX AUDIO, ONIX UK, ONIX ENGLAND , ONIX Amplifiers ONIX OA 21 Adam W J Worsfold

we are music AMPLIFICATION Perfectionists

We are OA21 ltd - ONIX AUDIO since 1984. ONIX being owned by Adam Worsfold a person with Engineering in his DNA from 4 years of age. All of us listen to music, its our life. We are driven to make music sound better. We have passion and unsurpassed know how. We love the music that artists spend so much time to get right , we understand the way the artist wanted us to hear it. We are an artist in the art of music amplification. One crucial part of  a chain to making memories.

Our CTO founded the original ONIX AUDIO UK


He still questions established rules, and how things are created. He innovates and embraces new methods.  We are a new team of dedicated music lovers making great ONIX-HiFI , Adam designs it, we make it . There is no substitute for evolution and knowledge .  There is no amplifier better than an OA21 Amp, or using the Evolution of how we make it or how it works . Its is truly fantastic to those that know why.


Explore how much, we know, and how we do it.


We want others to realize how great products can improve our general well-being . We created amps with NO EMF and the best sound is only created by design/integrity and knowledge of what its played on.  Design is EVERYTHING

Great music is not on your phone, or played through a bunch of chips in your phone. Its not streamed via a data stream service with the same chips IT IS NOT MP3 , FLAK or LOSSLESS  no matter how its packaged .


  Steaming ..SUCKS...Really it does

 Steaming is killing good sound and great movies 

 Hear sound perfectly

no matter what sound you like. 


Our vision is to help those that don't know what great sound is.  Let them listen to our products, and find out what we know they can do  . They are awesome, but we know that you need to discover this fact  . Listen - job done .

Media marketing & hype does not live here .

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