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Q & A of Adam W as Chief Technical Officer

Adam Worsfold in Singapore

Our Founder is our CTO " Chief Technical Officer "  Adam Worsfold designed and has been involved in products that are used everyday, such as designs for aviation and automotive applications. His passion for HiFi started at just 4 years of age. When his first record player was given to him at xmas .. This was his first record player Click HERE


Here we ask him about designs & moving OA21 on-wards for the future as the CTO

Questions & answers

We asked Adam , about ONIX AUDIO, & OA21 - this is where his answers are published

Q :- Adam who are YOU ?

I am Adam Worsfold, I was born in London United Kingdom. I have always been unashamedly outspoken, something some don't like or understand . I do not keep quite when I don't agree with something.  I value friendship, and will do anything for those that I like . Including customers . I will not bow to demands that are created by expectation of superiority,  by people that are both ignorant and uneducated .


My motivation is achieving progress every day of my life , no matter how small. A company is not just one person, it is always a meeting of minds that create awesome  products & ideas . It is the customer and It is the product , plus an  understanding from all parties involved to make things work well.

Q:- Why do you stay away from most social media platforms ?

I think social media has damaged far more people than we hear about , it is often driven by strangely disturbed individuals seeking affirmation of who they are , it portrays wealth as the only measure of success. Personally I just dont believe 90% of what is published on these platforms, it has no real value at all . Trolls that have no lives of their own are the scourge of all of these platforms . They are bored so they attack others driven by their own insecurities & jealously with desire for recognition .


I am getting older , but I pride myself on having a very open mind and embracing all changes the world has to offer , but social media has proven it is just a marketing tool with users as the product to sell too, and it should be seen that way and we will allc be fine

Next question ....... ....

Q:- When did you get into  HiFi ?

I had my first record player  at 4 years old made by " Marx toys "  then when I was 15 my older brother gave me a music center made by "Sharp"  in Japan, for Xmas. I knew that I could make it sound better so I did, the rest as they say is history. When I was 17  I became an apprentice in a UK audio factory called " Thorn EMI the die was now cast. My mission was to manufacture all products much better . I saw how things were made and I knew cost cutting was king in most companies, driven by accountants. I hated this compromise, and each day as I watched how it took place I vowed I had to change this culture, ONIX AUDIO was born a short time later.  ONIX Audio ultimately re-wrote the book by thinking out of the box that so many lived in.

Q :- Why does HIFI  excite you ?

The pursuit of great sound is comes from knowing what great sound is , it comes first Knowing what you hear and the feeling of WOW I didn't know it could sound that good . While I worked in a world famous night club as a barman while doing my apprenticeship. I had the good fortune to meet quite a few famous 80s bands and superstars, this allowed me to understand what music really is, hearing it at its source and how the sound shaped everyone . One well known ( M ) 80s / 90s superstar  was seriously involved in he sound production, this left a huge mark on me . It was very important in development of ONIX AUDIO  and its products .

Q:- How do you define Real Home Entertainment ?

Its the ability to reproduce  music and sound as close as the artist/Recording wanted you to hear it , it takes a great source ( Vinyl / Media Player / Streaming Centre / Blue Ray ) and it takes a fantastic amp to move the speakers as fast as possible ( Push the speaker out, and PULL it back ultra fast ready to do it all again ) and it takes speakers that move air with precision and perfection . It is not compressed MP3 , or Bluetooth speakers ( They are not fast enough ) and only have 20% of the original recording.  It is not any other compressed audio such as "Flak" or "lossless" either  Its pure sound with all of the signal recorded from the studio creating the music to be heard at the end ,  as its meant to be . Once you know what it is, you cant go back . Great sound makes all music and any movie better , no matter what you listen too . A great amp is the key to one of our most important senses .

Home entertainment is about the immersion into  the movie or the concert. Sound is everything to the enjoyment you get from watching films , with sound that blows you away , this sound is not created by multiple Bluetooth  speakers or gadgets, it a great amp with an ability to create imaging by unrivaled design . It is the OA21 ULTIMATE

Q:- Do you design OA21 products yourself ?

Yes I do, I  designed the DNA range entirely and the new OA21  Legacy  ,  and I was a large part of the design of the original ONIX line up , but every design is a team effort and there are a huge number of things to do to get a new product such as the DNA range to production . If it was easy everyone would do it and very few do .  I find it strange many people comment on forums bragging about how easy amp design is, yet none of those seem to be the people that produce anything . Forums are narrow Social media platforms ,  existing with far too many "armchair critics" contributing by repeating hearsay that the internet perpetuates to those that want to find it then repeat it.

Q:- You mention forums, why do you have an issue with them ?

I value time . Time everyones most valuable asset . I have never watched TV as I always have better things to learn about . 

Forums make everyone a specialist that know everything but R & D costs lots and lots of time and money and that's what makes a product great . Forums have now been giving some a voice that sadly others listen too .  Most people posting on forums have never run any company  or produced the products they post about .  They just re-post what others have said. Subject that is mostly wrong .


I have personally been the subject on forums and it makes me laugh with what they think up . While most companies were closed for Covid 19, people were stuck at home, this was bound to have an effect, and In my opinion the die hard forum lurkers grew during the Covid crisis along with their creativity. I have no idea why they get off on this. I guess its a lack of valuable life


I actually offered to meet the forum posters , when they posted lies about me, my companies. or my products ,   but  It has never been taken guess  why ?


We must all learn, as I have learned, to ignore them, and let them live in their alternate world of belief , created by the need for likes from others to like them , with the quest for glory and recognition . We must pity them really, they are obviously very lonely

Q:- Why have you appointed a new CEO for OA21 ?

I have a great team working with me , I have appointed a new CEO to take over day to day running, I will still have a lot of input, but we will have new drive, energy with direction to take us to the next stage of OA21. We will have some great new  products , my time was needed to create those . My love for HIFI is in our DNA . We are a progressive company that knows if we are to meet the needs of customers, we need a more vibrant take on things . I believe this provide us with what we need to go forward for everyone.

Q:- Why does OA21 seem to have very few retailers ?

We do have an ability to re introduce on line sales, but we are inclined to work via dealers from now on for our exclusive high end products . We feel agents represent us the way our customers need it, we will appoint new agents  on a selective basis and they will be in many cases independents that know real HiFi, those that  can support us and the customer . The OA21 products sold via dealers will not be sold on line from us , the products sold on line will not be sold via dealers . We will support our agents 100% with all areas of support they require .

Q:- Where do you see OA21 in a few years ?

OA21 is a company known to be independent, and offer the best sounding products  to those that know great sound, and unrivaled designs . We are always a  team not one person , and we know a  team is the future of any company. The CEO  has new ideas all the time . My favorite saying is - " you don't know where your going if you don't know where you've been " 35 years of fantastic hifi is where we have been .. we know where we are going , we invite you to join us for the next journey.

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