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We are as individual as you are

We are a manufacturing company. WE MAKE WHAT WE SELL - YES WE MAKE THEM  so  you always remain a person not a number  .
Fall in love with our products ,  they are the best and  we want you to find that out .

Our amps will change your life ..YES change your life. If you have never heard perfection you probably wont miss it

, but when you do hear it you wont be without it
Its 2024 , life has changed, ..we have never been just a website , we are an educational process of sound perfection   .. join us ?

Contact us
HERE to find out how you can hear our products


When we create all of our products we have a faith that they will last from generation to generation. We offer an endless warranty for all our amplifiers and we will fix them for free if there is a problem. What we will ask is to pay for a delivery charge which depends on your location. We at OA21 believe that our product has to be serviced by us as only we know how to ensure 100% satisfaction. It's simply timeless. Get in touch with us in by the " contact us"  form for more information. Make sure you leave your phone number so we can call you . Your a person we dont forget it

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