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Real people & real opinions 

 People rarely post how happy they are with a product, unless asked to do so,  we have published just two unsolicited emails that we feel sum up the OA21 DNA ultimate

These are published with permission

Philip - UK Customer - DNA ULTIMATE

Below is an Email received from Philip R

after he had received his DNA Ultimate

"Music now sounds like nothing I've ever heard before! Truly magical and bewitching, even styles I may not be fully in love with seem able to make an emotional connection and if an amplifier can have emotional intelligence then this must be what it's like It's just a pure joy to sit and relax together and (even) my wife comments on how good it sounds. You may be aware how much music means to those with Alzheimer's and how it can connect with the brain and emotions of those affected. Seeing how much it transforms my wife's mood and energy means a lot to me I've concentrated on Vinyl and CD and haven't bothered connecting up the streamer yet, even though it's not bad it felt a bit sacrilegious. In time


The Ultimate is also a beautiful piece of engineering, understated in looks but high quality My Mother and particularly my Father helped plant the seed of enjoying music from a young age including the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical benefits it can provide. You have a fantastic opportunity to grow with OA21 and I'm more than just a little envious of the opportunity to be so immersed in music and engineering/technology


Thanks again to you and to Adam for the chance to own an Ultimate. I was hoping it would make a significant difference. It has but it's exceeded anything I could have expected and I'm sure it's going to be a fixture in our lives I've a feeling an upgrade to my speakers will be on the cards soon and I may be interested in the stands once they are in production Best wishes to you both and I wish you great success in the future


Kind regards Philip R  ( UK )

THE OS21 DNA Ultimate Amplifier
OA21 Ultimate Smoked top


Below is an Email received from Chia after he had received his DNA Ultimate - It is short but to the point

Dear Adam,


The ultimate produces beautiful music . The clarity , details and imaging is even better when I played with good quality CD. Thank you for introducing such a great master piece to me.


Thanks and warmest regards

Chia W ( Singapore )

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