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We ARE changing ...

We will no longer build for stock and we will no longer sell from stock . We will no longer supply service kits.

We will continue to make products on a personal basis for those that really want the best . That know what sound can do for them and how it will improve their lives . We dont and wont make mass market products . Our amps are hand made for you .

We will make amplifiers for you to your order . Our prices will reflect the exclusivity .

This allows us to talk to every single one of our clients and get to know what is best for them , and understand what they want , we can add and remove features they need, and we can support our products the way they deserve, personally with passion and true dedication to the "art" or making great products .

If you want mass market cheap audio , dont come to us , if you want the best money can buy .. Welcome we are here for you and we are here for music and your ears .

We are exclusive ... so are you . You were not made in a factory , why should life changing products be made that way too .


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