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Adam Worsfold - Who on earth is he ?

This is a glimpse of who I am and what I have done with my life so far  .  I am a private person with a high degree of respect for anyone's  privacy  . My priority is health and mindset.  I chose to separate my personal life and my business life quite aggressively. I enjoy my inner circle of friends.   I do not live to work, I dont do anything I dont want too,  and consider " Money is a slave not a master" of course I know money makes life easier I figured that out early on, but it does not control my life .

ONIX AUDIO is in me .. My life's journey is why we make the best stuff

Here are a few highlights of my exceptional journey :-


  • I started work at 16 stocking shelves in a food store at weekends, I finished my electronics qualifications and apprenticeship at 20 . I moved to a service company as an engineer on the lowest pay scale. Within 2 years I had risen to the UK Troubleshooter & was the highest paid person in the company of over 4000 People, only the directors were paid more . The next challenge called me at only 22. I had risen to the top in just 2 years . NEXT.

    I started ONIX AUDIO with Tony Brady and Craig Hill  , within a year I became the sole owner , and within 5 years I had built and owned  a £ 3 million a year company.  I had become a £ millionaire at just 27 years old, this was exceptional in era I did it .

    I sold ONIX AUDIO for a considerable sum when the time was right , I was just 29 . Not long afterwards the sale contract was breached , consequently I entered a legal battle to recover my loss. I won this battle 12 years later,  it being my first real lesson in business, teaching me so much about money and what people will do to get it. This was a life changing lesson for me a lesson I feel obliged to pass on to anyone that might be interested .

    After the sale of ONIX AUDIO and while I was legally fighting to recover my losses from the breach of contract ,  I was caught for speeding when driving my Porsche - ( Yep my fault 100% ) - I was banned for six months from driving.  I decided I needed to use the free time for progress while I could not drive  ,  so I studied to become an "Microsoft Certified Professional" at an official training center in London. I saw the future of computer opportunities so I qualified and moved forward with a new project.

    I soon started a new company making computers and installing networks. I quickly gained contracts with Sega games and British Airways to name just two. My company grew to a size I didn't anticipate or expect . I sold that company 4 years later for a large amount of money at 35, I left the UK and resided outside the UK/EU so as to keep the sale proceeds . This is when I discovered Asia and my second home was born.

    After winning the legal fight from the original sale of ONIX , I used the brand ONIX  again in 2010 to resurrect the original standards with new designs, we make our own products so it was huge challenge all these years later , but  I did it and here we are today 14 years on . We make our own amps and they are the best you can buy ... most just dont realize how good they are but we are small and I am still hands on, so exclusivity works for us . There is not a better product than one made with pride/passion and knowledge by those that make it and design it . You are a person not a number to me.

 Notable Designs 

  • I was a co designer of the ONIX AUDIO -  OA20, OA21 . OA601 ,OA801 Amps and all the original ONIX products

  • I have designed modules for aviation, and in particular audio systems for one type of UK military jet .


  • I have entirely designed the DNA50 the DNA Ultimate and the 2024 - OA21 Legacy . The best for sure .

  • I own several patents, and trade marks, and I have designed products for many other large companies.


  • I am known for my engineering integrity driven by personal standards , and music lives in me .

I am a really unusual engineer in that I run my business with the needed fight and integrity to make it work, I am a communicator and business person above all else - I love to be busy and work by choice . I live for personal freedom & achievement and despise corruption and zero-thinking people in today's world. I love everything well designed and engineered, and I dislike anything that is badly made or badly designed. I know China lies about so much of what they make , and it annoys me that most dont see it .  Even so Life is good and  I am still enjoying it, I would not change a day so far -  how many can say that ?

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