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 music made better

Every item we create we give 100% of attention to detail. It all started with one amplifier and now we are developing range of products to help people enjoy what they love the most. We are British Hi Fi Manufacturers. All our products are developed in England. In this section you will find what we have developed to help us to enjoy the music we all love.



Our Spike stabilizers comes in a set of 8. Designed for Speakers or Turntable Stands with Spikes - on Hard Floors. Will stay solid forever once set , unlike brass, that is 30% the cost of SS and too soft. Simple design and created to not scratch your floor. These stabilizers won't leave spike marks. Created to enjoy music the way it was intended and to create better experience.


Reality Check


Sound travels along all materials. This causes resonance that alters the ultimate sound when used in a hi end systems. It creates a coloration that can change the sound totally. We have created this Hi-Fi for enthusiasts and real music lovers to be as much as poss non resonant. It allows vibration of sonic waves to move along the base or anything attached to it.

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