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WTF .. lets just get on

We have tried to understand why so many things are still affected by the Covid crisis . Prices are getting out of control , ( is this by design of the few that make money from it ? ) service is almost gone from so many things its scary. Profits are bigger for fuel companies than ever, when we are paying record prices to buy it ... WTF .. but we must move on .

We must all do our best to understand that nothing is free , nothing works without effort , nothing is designed without knowledge and nothing is serviced without knowing how . Nothing is supplied without the reliance of several departments and companies, and all of them work for reward , none do so for free . Rightly so, but equally we should not accept the greed of the few that control our useless governments . OA21 are still independent and proud of it , we are not greedy and never have been.

You are the product when the service is free , you are the customer when you actually pay . You are the fool if you cant see the real value when you pay for what you buy and worse still if you think things are really free.


We as a company are at a loss of why so many think music should be free , everything costs money , its how the world works. Nothing is free " NOTHING " we all pay somewhere and somehow . Music artists wont work for free why should they ? We cant work for free how can we ? and you don't work for free why should you ?

Owing things that are actually in our hands, to do as we wish is the key to a life of freedom . Music cannot be free, neither can real quality when listening to it . Or the products that make it sound great . MP3 is 20% of the recorded content - maybe that's why its free to download so often . You actually never get it all .

We stand for ability to enjoy awesome sound to achieve freedom of choice, freedom to play it when we wish not when others tell us too . Music is everything in our lives, it reminds of of great events of the past and creates awesome memories, music helps create memories for the future . Good films have great music , its what makes them so good in many cases .. Music is crucial to our lives not just some of it .. all of it .

We make great products for those that love music and what it gives us . Lets all work to go forward, we at OA21 are maturing to create the memories that can never be lost with great audio products . To create memories that make your world a better place . We do not support virtual existence , we are real and the world we live in should be too .

We make things and we do it well .


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