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Repair shops & bodging

We have once again faced the reality of repair shops in the UK screwing up our older units, by virtue of lack of knowledge of our products and how they work . We will no longer be able to save these screwed up by the cowboys units, so please read on .

One repair shop promoting on a various forums ( a UK one in Particular ) has claimed the OA21 humming on both speakers is a design fault that he can fix and he knows a cure . This is a false , no one would buy a humming amp from new , it is an age related fault , its not a design fault as he maintains . This typifies repair shops with no knowledge of our products creating urban myths just to generate business .

We know this same shop even replaced capacitors with a voltage rating of 35v @ 10000uf when the voltage used is 45v @ 4700uf. they used the wrong capacitors entirely, we would guess to fix a fault that had nothing to do with the capacitors . When we received the unit back it was close to an exploding device that had to sound worse than when it went in . This shop declaring they design audio and know what they are doing . They are simply not qualified to repair our products, and we doubt they designed anything ever.

In conclusion please email us for a list of good repair agents in your area, repair agents we know do the job right and we will help were we can . We cannot emphasize the need to stay clear of the cowboys out there they multiply far too much in this industry for reasons best know to them .


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