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We have to make money every single day , we have to pay bills every single day, we have to buy stock and we have to keep stock to build what we make with perfection . Admin bills never stop, wages never stop , even with Covid restrictions , we have to deal with costs that the customer never sees, understands or has any clue about . We are a business and we are not a charity . We do not work for free, we cant, and nor should we be expected too.

We have a great product range that people want to buy, and we have to know what it takes to make those products and sell them , we have to enjoy what we are doing or we wont do it well, and we have to know what our buyers expect from us . We have to love our Job and we have to love what we make . We are people not machines


Relentless pursuit of cheap !! Its just degrading

We with many others look for value and try to reach a compromise , that works for us as well as our customer , we developed products that cost hundreds of thousands to develop so they are great at what they do , the customer has to pay in the final price even if they cant see that . We don't have subsidy or assistance in this area in any way, its pure expense and its never free . It cant be free

Cheap will always be just that , a cut on quality, a cut on development, and a cut on function, and a cut on service, a cut on safety, It can be nothing else . It leads to an inferior product, always has and always will . You get what you pay for


Whats does this mean ?

This means we don't want to make products for the masses, or people that expect everything for nothing , we will not make anything for those that do not see what great stuff we make and its exclusive nature, we will not make anything for anyone that cant see the value of what we make , and we will not be making anything that is not how we want it made ...Perfect . We will charge what its worth in the world of value .. we will do this openly without excuse and if you cant afford it then we wont make it or sell it . We wont hide what we do or why .

Our prices reflect the true value of what we make, and to allow us to give the customer what they expect from a great company. This by way of service and use of our time to give it, we are now here for real HIFI enthusiasts that understand what it means. We are not here for people that want everything for free ..There is not such thing as free

We are now exclusive for individual people , if that's not you its called choice but if it is ..

WELCOME TO OA21 talk to us ..we are real people


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